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2017,mix media on paper,46X30 cm (8).jpg

Moon and boats

 artist book 2018

This book was created during 2017-18 with intensive and daily drawing after watching an article about rescuing refugee boats in the Mediterranean. The paintings were made as a response to the extreme living conditions of refugees and survivors across the ocean. In a quasi-impressionist painting, whose subject is the sea and the surface of the water, in the language of painting, brushstrokes, monochrome and spots of color, in shades of blue and dark blue, a series of orange spots flash: life belts. side of a boat. Refugees drowning, or survivors in the heart of the ocean. Bieber examines the durability of a classic modernist genre against an extreme reality and a threat to human life. Can the danger, the anxiety, the condition of survival that depends on containment - shine through the refraction of the moonlight on the surface of the water, in the style of Monet's "Moonlight"? As you flip through the artist's book, the painting becomes more and more abstract, the blue ocean and the dark space cover everything, but a tiny flash of orange/red color reports the catastrophe, as well as, to the same extent, the indifference, the ignoring and the forgetting" (Tali Tamir, 2018 ).

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