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Painting Course

* Courses

* Drawing and painting lessons

* Morning and evening classes are held at my studio, in the heart of Tel Aviv.

* The classes are suitable for beginners and advanced students. , Learning in small groups of up to 5 students.

My training is professional and accompanied by explanations and personal attention to each one.

Tel: 054-4228334


Preparing a portfolio

You can prepare a portfolio under my guidance. You are guaranteed an original, creative, invested and smart portfolio. The portfolio will include exercises in painting, drawing, photography, collage and sculpture.

*Confirmation of hours for art therapy.



We will learn the principles of color and the use of oil paints. At first we will work from observation and then according to the personal progress of each one, we will learn how to develop a personal style.

פורטרייט copy.jpg


In the drawing classes I will learn the basics of drawing from observation, using different techniques and diverse materials.

Topics such as creating a composition, proportions, self-portrait, model, still life will be studied. I will study the registration language in depth with its many qualities. We will delve into drawing as a sketch and drawing as a main media.

My Student's Works

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